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Spectra Broadband is the result of a successful collaboration of companies with industry experts and skilled professionals. We are a synergy of the industry best to deliver excellence and better support our clients.

Since its humble beginning as a sales and marketing firm, Spectra Broadband has rapidly transitioned to become an industry leader in its dedicated domain. Identifying the market gap to better meet the needs of media operators with proficient servicing, Spectra is a pioneer and innovator in the technical operations sector whilst successfully handling customer support and retention.

Recognized as a popular partner company in the US, Spectra is built on the key objective to enable media service operators and distributors to ‘plug and play’ their brand into the value-added resource partner. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with branch offices throughout the country, we pride in our unbeatable track record of success whilst being the front-runner in the industry.

We are the best in what we do and a trailblazer setting industry benchmarks whilst keeping up with the evolving telecommunications industry. Our unparalleled experience and complete capabilities across any aspect from client delivery, marketing & sales, technical support to customer service make a lasting impact. That’s the promise we deliver!

Driving change and disrupting the future

We create a future with lasting connections beyond boundaries

As an industry leader in full-service outsourcing, Spectra specializes in residential and business technical fulfillment and installations for telecommunication and cable companies. Furthermore, our construction division supports and provides comprehensive services and viable solutions for many other industries. We strive for seamless implementation of our systems on an accelerated timeline where quality, competency and customer service are not compromised. This feat is a result of Spectra’s synergy - people, value-added innovation and impactful collaboration with customers.

Our unmatched performance as a resource partner in the country stands as a testament to our company-wide commitment - to never accept anything short of being the best in everything we do!

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the Spectra Culture

Built on sustained excellence and best people working smart, Spectra’s culture is nothing short of spectacular!
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With a small beginning as a sales and marketing firm, Spectra Broadband has swiftly transitioned to become an industry leader in the telecommunications domain. Meeting the needs of media operators with expert servicing, Spectra is a pioneer, trailblazer and an innovator in the industry delivering change and lasting connections.
Aspiring professionals led by


Directed by an inspiring leadership style for the growing and aspiring team of Spectra Broadband, the company is home to the best executive leadership to manage its valuable resources. Leadership is extended down to every level of operations where each job is completed in a professional, effective and efficient manner. Empowering our employees with unwavering guidance and support is the core of Spectra and also the reason to be an industry leader.
The industry front-runnerr


We pride in being the industry front-runner and a trailblazer causing disruption and driving innovation. At Spectra Broadband, we are constantly implementing industry best practices and adhering to global standards across all our divisions and departments with a solution-oriented approach. Following this, our training workshops and certifications ensure that all employees of Spectra meet and exceed the required standard. Our carefully designed procedures and work practices have been widely recognized as a value-added benefit to our client base throughout the years.
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Work Expectations

We believe in the concept of working smart. We work harder to efficiently and effectively implement our learning curve in the smartest way possible. There are no secrets to any business success, we just work harder at doing business smartly. All our determined efforts and continuous improvements are made with you in mind, to offer you the best service and long-term benefits from Spectra.


Spectra is a sustainable company and has value-added employees with solution-oriented performance. Our brand is a reflection of our team, and we recognize our human capital as the most valuable asset Spectra owns. With an aspiring team of promising professionals with superior industry proficiency, Spectra is directed by people with purpose towards meaningful goals. .


At Spectra Broadband, we are committed to nurture a business environment and develop a work culture that follows the principle of honest and transparent transactions with clients, competitors, suppliers, government agencies and the communities we operate with. Our firm commitment to the highest ethical standards of business conduct is a core value that is strongly endorsed by the entire team of Spectra.

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