A Green Spectra Broadband

Spectra Broadband commits in theory, word and deed to conserve nature and be an eco-friendly organization. This quest continues as Spectra implements key initiatives to help offset carbon footprint and its overall impact on the planet.

GPS Tracking

Spectra Broadband’s entire fleet of vehicles is GPS equipped. This tool leverages technology, fuel resources and time via its ability to dynamically dispatch the closest service provider to the waiting service address. This ensures that unnecessary resources are conserved and better utilized. With careful evaluation of the fuel management reports, Spectra’s policies allow motor vehicles for necessary operations whilst letting employees take ownership of doing their part in the environmental conservation of oil resources by maintaining optimal and safe speeds and reducing needless travel.

Green Initiatives

We are committed to make ‘Green Initiatives’ much more than a short-lived trend. At Spectra, we recognize the importance of being a green friendly organization. Hence, without a wholehearted obligation to follow responsible ways of conducting business, the beauty and lushness of our planet earth will not be sustained for the next generation and beyond. Seeing an opportunity to make a difference drives Spectra Broadband to accept its responsibility to not only be an industry leader driving innovation but also steer sustainability by being a green friendly entity.

Paperless Office

Having committed to functioning a paperless office environment, Spectra continues to successfully implement its paperless work culture to save more trees, reduce landfill and conserve the global forest cover. Following the 3 Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse), Spectra strongly encourages minimal use of resources. The routing, billing and invoicing systems across all divisions are a testimony of Spectra Broadband’s responsibility and commitment towards preserving the environment.